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About Us

History of the Edgewood Baptist Church

The Edgewood Baptist Church got its beginning from weekly prayer meetings held during 1960 in the home of Pastor and Founder, the Reverend Wilbur L. Henry, and his wife Annie Henry.

Including the Pastor and First Lady, the following 12 individuals were the Charter Members of the Edgewood Mission – Mary B. Thomas, Lillian Baker, Mary Pierce, Edna Gant, James Gant, Bernice Ward, Joseph Ward, John Pinkney, Robert Jones, Saxfield Chatman, Barbara Stevenson and Mary Johnson. The first formal worship service was held on February 5, 1961 at the Y.M.C.A. located at 1816 12th Street, NW, Washington, DC.

On October 1, 1961, the fully organized Edgewood moved into a newly purchased and remodeled church home at 2432 Fourth Street, NE in the Edgewood Subdivision of the City. In November of the same year, a recognition council met at Providence Baptist Church and accepted Edgewood Baptist Church into the sisterhood of churches, with The Edgewood Baptist Church having taken its name from the subdivision in which it was located.

On November 25, 1961, a recognition council met at Providence Baptist Church and accepted Edgewood into the Baptist Society. Within two years, The Edgewood Baptist Church, with fourteen auxiliaries, a chorus, a choir and 52 members became a member of the National Capital Baptist Fellowship and Baptist Convention with Rev. Henry’s motto “We Have Come This Far by Faith.”

By 1964, the membership had outgrown its facility. Since the area of Edgewood offered no relief in the way of available buildings suitable for a church to occupy, it was necessary to search for a new place. The search for a new home ended with the purchase of our present site, 3408 C Street, SE, the former home of a Jewish Synagogue. On the first Sunday in December 1964, the faithful members of The Edgewood Baptist Church marched into its new and current location.

Pastor Henry passed away in 1974.

In June of 1974, Reverend Charles F. Parker came to The Edgewood Baptist Church and served as Supply Pastor and six month later was elected permanent Pastor. Installation services for Rev. Parker took place on the first Sunday in July 1975. Under his leadership, the church mortgage was burned; the membership increased steadily and many improvements were made to beautify the church, such as an extended glass vestibule on the front of the Church, a handicapped lift, stained glass windows, additional parking spaces in the rear of the church and renovation of the pulpit and choir loft. In addition, Rev. Parker organized and reorganized many auxiliaries in the Church. His words were, “The Lord has truly been good to us. Thank God for diligent and faithful members.” In February 2001, Pastor Parker retired and was later conveyed the honor of being Pastor Emeritus of The Edgewood Baptist Church.

In May of 2003, Dr. Shy-Quon Ely was called to Pastor The Edgewood Baptist Church, and served as Pastor until February 2007.

In July of 2008, Reverend Frankey D. Grayton accepted the call to become Pastor of Edgewood, and was officially installed in October 2008.

Pastor Frankey Grayton

Pastor Frankey Grayton is the youngest son of a strong prayer warrior, the late Viola “Ola” Johnson, and the late Curtis Grayton.

Pastor Frankey Grayton is a native of the District of Columbia. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary in Capitol Heights, MD. He is currently continuing his education at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. Pastor Grayton is a Master Plumber/Gasfitter, and had been self-employed for 21 years.

Pastor Grayton dedicated his life to Christ in January of 1991, and became a member of Enon Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Reverend Tommie L. Shaw. He and his wife Talita were baptized together at that time. In 1995, Pastor Grayton preached his initial sermon, “The ransom has already been paid; why are you still bound?” Pastor Grayton was licensed and ordained as a minister under the tutelage of Reverend Shaw.

Pastor Grayton is the fourth Pastor to serve the Edgewood Baptist Church. In 2008, after serving as an Interim for a very short period, the congregation elected him to the church pastorate full-time.

Pastor Grayton has been married since July 1992 to the beautiful Talita Grayton. They have three children; Tionna, Courtney, and Frankey II.

His aim in ministry is to aid God’s people in reaching their full potential in Christ as it is written in II Timothy 2:2. In order to minister to God’s people most effectively, Pastor Grayton utilizes a combination of exegesis, and exposition with a contemporary application.

Leading Lady Minister Talita Grayton

Talita Grayton was born in Washington, DC to the late John Middleton and Rosa Middleton. She was educated in the Alexandria, Virginia and District of Columbia public school systems and is a graduate of Ballou Senior High School in Washington, DC. She has been married to the wonderful Pastor Frankey D. Grayton since 1992 and they have three children and one grandson.

Leading Lady Grayton gave her life to Christ in 1991 and her and her now husband was baptized at that time. Ever since that day, she has been running for the Lord and has not looked back. She was a faithful member of Enon Baptist Church from 1991 until 2008. While at Enon, she taught Youth Church, Sunday School, and Vacation Bible School. She was also very active in the Women’s Ministry where she coordinated several women’s retreats.

When God called her husband to become the Pastor at Edgewood Baptist Church, she understood that it was a joint call and willingly followed God’s guidance and looked forward to the opportunity to God moving her ministry to the next level. She began leading the Women’s Ministry at Edgewood and has encouraged and enlightened the women of Edgewood to strive to be the virtuous women of God that He has called us to be.

With almost 20 years of marriage “experience,” Leading Lady Grayton takes all the time that is needed to pray with and encourage other married women to be the help meets that the Bible instructs us to be. Along, with her husband, she has prepared many couples for marriage and has given biblical guidance to many other couples in crisis who are already married.

Leading Lady Grayton is always ready and willing to work to advance the Kingdom of God. She has shared the Word of God with women during fellowships and retreats and looks forward to the many other opportunities that God will give her to be a blessing to others. On May 21, 2017 Leading Lady Talita Grayton preached her initial sermon and was licensed as a Minister of the Gospel.

Her favorite scripture is Romans 8:28 – “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (NIV) This lets her know that no matter the circumstance, God is working it out for her good and that it will eventually be “all good and to God’s glory.”



  • Deacon Donald Hammond
  • Deacon Franklin Crawford
  • Deacon John Kelley
  • Deacon Lee Pelzer
  • Deacon Marion Rhodes
  • Deacon Melvin Ricks
  • Deacon Nolton Jenkins (Emeritus)
  • Deacon Norman Jenkins
  • Deacon Ronnie Clark
  • Deacon Tyrone Williams


  • Deaconess Alma Edwards
  • Deaconess Amanda Jenkins
  • Deaconess Annie Springs (Emeritus)
  • Deaconess Barbara Kelley
  • Deaconess Brenda Williams
  • Deaconess Lena Jenkins
  • Deaconess Margarette Barber
  • Deaconess Mary Thomas (Emeritus)
  • Deaconess Merri Baldwin
  • Deaconess Maudine Meyers
  • Deaconess Pamela Dixon
  • Deaconess Patricia Clark
  • Deaconess Patricia Rhodes
  • Deaconess Patricia Wiggins (Emeritus)
  • Deaconess Paula Williams
  • Deaconess Pearlie Stevens (Emeritus)
  • Deaconess Phaytress Kelley
  • Deaconess Rashida Toy