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“…Now that I have become a member of the Edgewood Baptist Church, I’m a little more aware of the bible and the Word. I have people who are sincere and my Pastor is a great teacher.”
K. Brown

“At Edgewood is where I learned to study the bible for myself… I was used to being spoon fed; now I can do it myself.”
D. Allen,

“…I have never been inside a church where its good preaching and the people are not judgmental. I believe that God sent my family here to grow as a spiritual person. My family has a place to call home and we know our needs will be met here at this church.”
D. Payne,

“…I met Sis. Paula and she introduced me to Sis Clark, they prayed for me on the spot. The love that I was shown was a wonderful feeling, it was like a family love. I knew that this is where I need to be.”
A. Simmons

“The Edgewood Baptist Church has meant so much and has done so much with supporting me on my spiritual development by living and teaching me the truth about how to live spiritually on a day to day basis…”
Q. Hurdle

As my spiritual development I’ve gotten patience as well as understanding.”
M. Rhodes